25 September 2023


3 reasons to go there:


1.If you like having a truly unique experience by dining inside the floating art installation Salmon Eye in the Hardanger fjord in Western Norway. The 18-course dinner is served in a dining room with a panoramic view over the fjord, glaciers and mountains.


2.If you like discovering ingredients from the ocean and experience the more uncommon produce that surrounds the fjord. The menu at Iris reads like a story. A story about the challenges and threats to the global food system, but also with ideas and suggestions for future innovations, that can help bring us closer to solving them.


3.If you like having  a night to always remember. The experience at Iris is, quite literally, a journey. It starts with a boat trip from the picturesque town of Rosendal, with a pit stop and welcoming snack at chef Anika Madsen’s boathouse on the island of Snilstveitøy. Via the jetty of the floating art installation Salmon Eye, the evening kicks off with a multisensory underwater experience that culminates in the dining room where stunning views create the backdrop for the set tasting menu.


Check out: www.restaurantiris.no


(Images by John Isle E. Hansen, exterior, and Tobias Lamberg Torjusen, interior)


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