3 May 2022


Last summer Giraffe Coffee and BombaBomba opened a coffee bar and a luxury cycling store in Rotterdam.


Giraffe Coffee

Giraffe Coffee is a well-known name in the specialty coffee scene of Rotterdam. For more than ten years they have been supplying ‘green coffee’ from countries in Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia to the finest coffee bars in The Netherlands. And now they have their first coffee bar on the Hoogstraat. You can come in for a quick espresso to go, but also for a coffee flight (a tasting with different single origin coffees for 7,50 euros) or a workshop (such as the ‘home barista workshop’ or the ‘filter coffee workshop’) in the basement.



However, it’s not only about the love for coffee here at Hoogstraat 46, but also for that of cycling. BombaBomba is the stylish cycling boutique of Arno van Eijmeren, known for cocktail bars Dr. and Calaboose, under the same roof. He sells high-end cycling brands such as Pas Normal Studios and NDLSS, but also organizes social rides to stay in shape and meet new people at the same time.


Coffee, cycling & cocktails

These two target groups mix in an interesting way. Whoever comes in for a coffee might leave with a new sporting hobby. And if you need a little extra energy before a ride, you can enjoy a strong coffee at the bar. They are also working on some new exciting projects together. More about that after Summer!


Check out: www.giraffecoffee.com and www.bombabomba.cc