10 March 2022


What if you could live in a dream apartment in Copenhagen for a weekend? With a Vipp kitchen, a Dinesen floor, beautiful art and Tekla bed linen? Check in at Vipp’s sixth hotel: the Vipp Pencil Case. Exclusively launched here on Petite Passport.


From Shelter to Farmhouse

Danish design brand Vipp launched their very first hotel in 2017: the Vipp Shelter in Sweden. This was followed by the Loft, the Chimney House, the Farmhouse in Denmark and The Bolder in Norway. Five years later, they’ve welcomed the Vipp Pencil Case, an intimate apartment in a 100-year-old Pencil Factory in the Islands Brygge neighborhood.


Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is located on the other side of the river in a former harbor area. You can easily walk to the river and cycle to the center in about 15 minutes. Within walking distance you will find Italian restaurant Il Buco and coffee bar Sneezing Fruits. The Vipp Pencil Case is located in what once was a Pencil Factory. Now it’s a gated community with industrial homes, plus the Vipp Supper Club and the Vipp Pencil Case.


Former pencil factory

It is hard to imagine that they once made pencils where you’ll now find this nice apartment. It’s about 60m2 and has everything that will make you happy: a wooden floor from Dinesen, a Vipp Kitchen, an iniviting bed with Tekla bed linen, Bang & Olufsen bluetooth speakers and an Aesop room spray.


Art and objects

Interior architect Julie Cloos Mølsgaard also did the interior design for Vipp Farmhouse and the Pencil Factory and excels in styling with art and objects. A cheerful Corneille hangs on the wall, while the black and white painting next to the bed radiates a lot of power. There are antique wooden vases, next to the hanging boards from Muller Van Severen for valerie_objects.



Of course you’ll also be inspired by Vipp’s own designs. I’ve added the following items on my wish list (apart from the light gray kitchen): the pouf, the clips, spots and the lamp. And the way they have placed two tables next to each other next to the bed gives the ultimate luxurious Sunday morning feeling (if filled with your favorite books and a breakfast with fresh croissants). And the cupboard wall is inspiring for homes with a smaller surface (so you can hide the mess behind it).


Ultimate Hygge

Each Vipp Hotel has its own appearance and ideal users. The Vipp Shelter is bucket-list material, the Vipp Loft is for people who want some space around them, Vipp Chimney House is perfect for families, while the Vipp Farmhouse is too, but then in the nature of Lolland. The Vipp Pencil Case is your home-away-from-home in a quiet neighborhood in Copenhagen. There you can invite your Danish friends for dinner or just curl up early under the thick covers and dive into a good book.


Check out: vipp.com