26 October 2021


Casa no Tempo is one of the houses of Silent Living designed by studio Aires Mateus. The spacious house is located on a 580 hectares big farm with panoramic views of the surrounding nature.

Small town in the Alentejo

To get to the property is quite an adventure. The directions lead you to a small town in the Alentejo where Domingos is picking you up. You then follow his car for about 15-minutes over a dusty road over the farm site to the house. A white building with four spacious suites, a living room, fire place, kitchen and walk-in showers with a view over the surrounding nature. Where you’ll also find the 400sq-meter infinity pool.


Manuel Aires Mateus

Silent Living’s founder Joao Rodrigues works with his good friend and well-known Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus for the renovation of all his houses. From the renovation of two fishermen’s huts in Comporta to an 18th-century townhouse in Lisbon. Casa no Tempo is extra special as the house was in their family for a long time and it was their grandfather’s wish to look after it for the next generation.


Large windows looking out over nature

Guests will be amazed by the architecture of the place. Although it may look like a typical Alentejo farm house the architect created large windows that look out onto the mesmerizing nature wherever you are. The clay blocks on the floor were locally sourced and are heated in winter. And the kitchen really stands out due to the marble construction, but also as this may be the kitchen with the best view of the country.


Surrounding nature

The mission of Silent Living is to create timeless properties with a strong local approach in design and architecture and a leading role for the surrounding nature. When I woke up at Casa no Tempo I saw the most magical sunrise ever. I’ve sat down to take it all in. My skin gradually felt warmer, first I heard the cows moaning, then I heard the birds singing. As far as I could see there was nature. And it gave me a strong connection to all there is. A true remarkable experience!


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