13 September 2021


It is with great pleasure and excitement to share the brand new Petite Passport with you! My COVID-baby so to speak. An online destination where I can even better serve you in finding world’s most beautiful design addresses. 


Starting point

March 2020. A virus that made the world stand still for more than a year not only made victims in hospitals, but also brought many companies down. Just like Petite Passport. My revenue model evolves around the sales of travel guides, so suddenly that stopped. It made me into a fighter. What do my readers want right now? So I’ve made a Netherlands Guide and published a second magazine. But then the lockdown of October came around, travel wasn’t possible anymore and I didn’t even know which places in the guides would survive. What to do?


From medieval to modern

As always everything starts with the love I feel for you, my reader, and the addresses I write about. The whole idea behind my site is to bring the two together. But the site dated back to 2014, better said: it was a genuinely medieval website in internet time. Together with the designers of Foreign Policy Design from Singapore and the developers of Erecode from Rotterdam, we brought it back to 2021. With a refreshed design, bigger pictures and an extensive Destinations page so you can easily find where you want to go.


New features

Of course I already publish a lot in my travel guides, but there are so many more beautiful addresses I want to share with you. From a holiday home in the middle of nowhere to the last opened restaurant in Berlin. To make that possible, you can now become a member of Petite Passport. By signing up you’ll get access to the entire constantly growing archive, you can create wish lists and you will be added to the exclusive Best Friends list on Instagram so I can share everything with you during my travels.


Going small

Over the past eleven years Petite Passport grew from 1 reader to 100.000+ followers on Instagram alone. Of course I am very proud of that, but these large numbers also mean I can no longer serve everyone personally. By going small with the Membership options, I can do research on the places you want to go, so you can discover the latest gems. And of course I will continue to inspire you with such cool hotels, restaurants and shops that places like Oud-Heverlee, La Paz and Totnes suddenly become interesting as well.



And what if you don’t want to become a member? Is there nothing left to find? Of course it is. All the articles in Journal are available to everyone and from each big city I’ll share my three favorite places. You will be ready to hit the road, just not with as many inspiration members will receive.


Thank you

Last but not least I would like to thank you for the journey we’ve been on together since 2010. With some nostalgic feelings I have been working on the site. I remembered how I started with a self-made WordPress blog with dark photos full of pixels. And then I hit refresh now and it all looks so insanely delicious. Every time I think: I want to go here, and here, and here (even if I’ve been there already)! I really hope I can get you in the same mood. Now stop reading and start working on your wish list and get out there, as we’ve been inside long enough. Let’s go!


Warm wishes, Pauline




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