13 August 2021


Within walking distance of the sea Benedict Noordwijk is a new sustainable hotel in a residential area that mainly consists of studios and apartments. And a luxury loft with panoramic views on the top floor.



The road to Benedict leads up past a number of capital villas. The hotel has its own parking space and you will be welcomed in the main villa, which also houses several studios, a laundry room and a kitchen. The owners, who prefer to remain anonymous, have a background in real estate and in the financial sector, love design and sustainability and wanted to create an alternative to holiday accommodations to go with your children (7+).



They started working with Dutch interior architect Paul Linse from Studio Linse and together they created a concept where tranquility predominates. This translates into a soft color palette of grey and beige tones in combination with high quality furniture and home decor. Hand soap from Frama, soft bed linen, inspiring art, in some rooms a free-standing bath, bedsteads for children to sleep in and luckily no TVs. The surroundings are too beautiful for that – and the quiet spaces are more inviting to read a book than to watch an action movie.



The apartments of Benedict are almost all different. Some (such as the Studios or The Loft and apartment 23) are perfect for couples, others have more rooms (with a box bed or a bunk bed for example) and are therefore ideal for families. The rooms on the west overlook Huis ter Duin with the sea behind it, the rooms on the east look out on greenery and the typical Dutch landscape with here and there a church tower behind it. I’ve stayed in The Loft, a spacious penthouse suite with a freestanding bath, a double shower, a kitchen, bar, living area and two balconies with a panoramic view. Definitely worth staying if you have something to celebrate!



The initiators wanted to do everything in the hotel as sustainable as possible. They don’t use any gas anymore, there is lots of greenery on the roofs and the lights go out automatically after a certain time. But best of all is their air treatment system, which means that all the air for cooling comes directly from outside. That really gives the perfect window-open-without-being-open fresh air feeling.



There is of course plenty to do in the area. Take an (electric) bicycle and go to the sea or eat with your feet in the sand at Tulum. But of course you can also admire the tulip fields or go to Museum Voorlinden in half an hour by car. Also pay attention to the hotel’s future plans: on the ground floor there’s a kitchen and they like to invite chefs to host private dinners.


Check out: www.benedictnoordwijk.nl


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