4 June 2021



Edible Treasures is a new shop, deli and workshop space in Amsterdam with a focus on food, cookbooks and unique table wear.


Former butcher’s shop

Edible Treasures used to be a butcher’s shop, but the building stood empty for almost 30 years. Owner Zoë Snijders worked together with French interior design studio Pauline D’Hoop (known for Le COQ and Camondo in Paris) to preserve the beautiful architectural features and introduced a striking cabinet, lots of inspiring wall paper throughout the building and a few seating options around round marble tables for cafe customers.


Cafe and deli

Edible Treasures is divided into several spaces. Upon entering the coffee machine with purple logo of the shop tells you that you can come in for a cup of coffee (by White Label Coffee). Although they also sell unique teas and soups, salads and quiches for take-away. A few steps down you’ll notice a communal table where they will host (culinary) workshops in the future. Around the table you can find all kinds of products you can use in your kitchen: from aprons to a special olive oil and from candles to an oven dish.



Upstairs there’s the so-called Library where they sell many food publications. From bestselling authors such as Nigella Lawson to independent magazines such as The Preserve Journal. On the dining table the owner showcases unique table wear (even their own collection of glasses and plates). And even in the adjusting kids room you’ll find special and beautifully designed children toys, mugs and plates.


Check out: www.edible-treasures.com


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