14 May 2021


When Rosa & Rita closed their doors last year, Stadsbakkerij As moved in and now sells the most amazing sourdough bread from this former warehouse in Amsterdam-Oost.


Restaurant As

Restaurant As by chef Sander Overeinder opened the doors in 2007. He was ahead of his time in focussing on honest food, offering vegan options and making delicious sourdough bread. Together with Efraïm Bolado van der Meij (known as Bakker Eef) they amazed their customers with the bread and later on lots of restaurant owners start using it in their kitchens too. Restaurant As closed its doors, but since the pandemic sourdough bread got even more popular, so they decided to open Stadsbakkerij As.



This small bakery where they also sell pastries, sandwiches, wine and other drinks is part of a new project by Sander Overeinder and Niels Wouters of Hotel de Goudfazant. They will open a casual restaurant together in Summer (more soon). Until then you can buy your bread here or sit down on their outdoor terrace and have a delicious sandwich such as the mackerel salad with wild garlic or a small pastry.


Check out: www.broodvanas.nl


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