26 March 2021


Unfortunately this spot has closed its doors


On the country side of Gelderland you’ll find Stilleven Tiny House, a back-to-nature cabin run by the same owner of concept store Stilleven in Zutphen.


Farm stay

Mera Martinot moved from Amsterdam to the country side in 2017 with her family. They found a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing more than grasslands and the ever-changing Dutch sky. Close by you’ll find nature reserve De Lochemse Berg with many hiking/cycling trails. And while driving around this area of Gelderland you’ll also notice many beautiful castles.


Tiny House

On their plot of land they’ve opened Stilleven Tiny House, a 18m2 cabin with big windows facing the nature and the six sheep in front of the cabin. They build the cabin entirely by hand from recycled materials. Inside stillness is the main ingredient as there aren’t many distractions apart from seeing how the birds interact with the sheep. You have to make a fire in the wood-burning stove to get warm. There’s a small kitchen with only the utensils you really need (and of course two fresh eggs from the chicken who live on the farm). And they have a dry toilet so you won’t spill water.


Design items

As Mera likes to collect aesthetically pleasing items with a sustainable background you’ll find lovely design items in this tiny cabin. Such as a Frama stool and light bulb, coffee table books and linen duvets. There’s also a covered terrace where you can stay until late on a beautiful evening.


Check out: www.eenstilleven.com


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