19 December 2020


Amsterdam-Noord is where it’s at. New is Chateau Karlito, a natural wine shop on the Van der Pekstraat.


Natural wine

Karlijn Timmermans had a fashion boutique called Koko Coffee & Design on de Wallen, but after they closed the doors, she said goodbye to fashion and fell in love with natural wine. She travelled to wine farmers all across Europe and decided to bring their products to Amsterdam. Chateau Karlito is a small shop where you can expect a good advice on what wine would be perfect for you (I ended up buying La Perle of Ocre Rouge in December, a sparkling 66% chardonnay and 34% pinot noir, definitely worth drinking if you have something to celebrate).


Interior finds and sake

Apart from her love for natural wine, she and her boyfriend have a thing for scouting the best (vintage) interior finds. Almost everything has a story: from the ceramics she took home from Bali to the especially designed rug for Chateau Karlito in Mexico. And yes: you can buy some of those interior finds as well. And there’s still have another reason for you to go there and that’s natural sake. If you’re not thirsty by now…


No website, instagram.com/chateaukarlito