29 September 2020


Last Thursday we’ve launched the second issue of Petite Passport Magazine at The Audo in Copenhagen. An intimate corona-proof event with the tastemakers of the places behind the stories in the magazine. 


The right time to launch a travel magazine?

It isn’t exactly the right time to launch a travel- and design magazine. Europe is slowly turning into an orange zone again, I’m in self-quarantine right now after traveling to Copenhagen and we have to wear face masks everywhere. But on the other side: it definitely is the right time to launch a travel- and design magazine. After all we’re waiting to get out, to dream about places we like to go and to make plans to travel again.


New way of travel

There’s travel and there’s travel. If COVID-19 learned us one thing it’s that mass tourism isn’t the way to go. In my guides, on my site and in the magazine I stay far from the usual suspects such as the Eiffel-tower or the Little Mermaid and now even more we want to stay away from ‘fast food’ and move to ‘high cuisine’ in the way we travel. Not working off a list, follow the masses and be in a hurry all the time, but to take your time to really enjoy the places you go to. Even in your own city.


Be mindful

Smell the air after the rain on the country side of The Netherlands, taste the modern Greek cuisine at Parilio in Greece and feel how your heart reacts to visiting a place like The Audo. Is it the smell, the sight of the art works by Benjamin Ewing or Atelier Plateau or is it the touch of the fabric from the new Knitting chair?


Inspiring interviews

In this magazine we speak to people who do just that. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Peter Eland of Norm Architects talk about designing places that cater to the human senses. Kristine Meier Carlsen of Studio x Viaduct has an interesting idea on sustainability on both fashion and design. Charlotte Gomez de Orozco opened the first yoga hotel in the city of Paris as she saw how important wellness is when you’re travel. And in Brussels we talk to Lionel Jadot about ugliness. Why does everything has to be perfect and Instagram-ready? Is there beauty in a piece of blue plastic perhaps?


Travel 2.0

I hope this magazine inspires you to make new travel plans. But above all I hope it makes you think about travel 2.0. Be kind to nature, be mindful, slow down and really enjoy those tiny little details that make all the difference.




Warm wishes, Pauline


I like to thank Menu and Dux for hosting the launch at The Audo. Marjolein for the design of the magazine, Eva for the cool collaborations, Laura and Elise for the translation, Modiste Studio, Fest, Kinfill and for being the advertisers in the magazine, Yolanda for being the best printer there is, Salon Heleen Hulsmann for the outfit, The Boyscouts for the jewelry, all the selling points and of course all the cool spots, especially in this tough times! 


Attached you’ll find a selection of images taken by the talented Priszci.


And you can get the magazine here! Enjoy!


Warm wishes, Pauline