29 August 2020



Unfortunately this spot has closed its doors


Kikubari is a Japanese word and it means to kubaru (spread around) your ki (life force, or attention). A perfect name for this fairly new shop in The Hague where they only sell things made with love for nature.



Het Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague is an area full of independent shops and cafes such as Single Estate Coffee Roasters, Plenty, Design Room, Koek & Ei Duurzame Kinderopvang and Little Green shop by Bar & Zo. The latest addition is Kikubari, a minimalistic store where the wooden tables and cupboards shine a light on all their lovely products.



They don’t just sell everything as they want to make sure that animals, humans and nature weren’t harmed during the process, that the materials the designers use are plant- or earth based and, my favorite, everyone who is involved in the process of the creation of the product gets energy out of it. This results in a collection of ceramics, beauty products, incense and magazines. I personally liked the vases and incense holders by Belgian Sigrid Volders of the Clay Club. They also sell products from designers from The Hague such as the work of 3Tree Ceramics and Lisa Marie Meer.


Check out: www.kikubari.nl


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