24 June 2020


End the day on a warm Summer night with dinner and the sunset at Tulum in Noordwijk.


Holiday mood straight away

I’m not sure if it’s just me but with every kilometer I get closer to the beach, I get closer to the ultimate holiday feeling. When I get out of my car breath in the fresh air and hear the sound of the waves in the background, I’m in the holiday mood straight away. Even if it’s just a 40-minute drive.


Bohemian vibe

Tulum in Noordwijk is a beach club with a bohemian vibe. Inside you’ll find lots of plants, rotan sofas and lamps and school chairs. Outside they have a big open-air terrace with Bali-like umbrellas facing the North Sea. The menu consists of healthy salads, pizzas and chicken skewers with fries. Don’t forget to order dessert. They will come by with a large plate with all different kind of desserts so you can pick your favorite.


The beach club is open all year long.


Check out: www.tulumtulum.nl


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