13 May 2020


Feel like travelling again? You can rent these twenty designer escapes alone, or with two or three guests. The majority of them are located in nature, so you can enjoy a walk through the forest or on the beach. And if you want to opt for a staycation, I’ve added some one-person-city-hotels to the list as well. Let’s start planning!


A beautiful design escape in Victoria, Australia



A home in the country side nearby Antwerp, Belgium



A getaway on the countryside in Belgium



A small bed and breakfast in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium



A seaside escape in Knokke, Belgium



A small bed and breakfast in Brussels, Belgium



An one-room design stay in Gent, Belgium



A country escape a few hours from Paris, France



A family house nearby the beach in Germany



An apartment in Berlin, Germany



A lovely place to stay in Puglia, Italy



An apartment in Venice, Italy



A holiday home in Friesland, Netherlands



A stay in a bridge control house in Amsterdam, Netherlands 



Two loft-style hotel rooms in Arnhem, Netherlands



A big holiday home in Friesland, Netherlands



A home in Porto, Portugal



A unique stay in two cabins in Comporta, Portugal



A small bed and breakfast in Brooklyn, USA




Images by Petite Passport, Alexandra Meurant, Laurence Chalmet and Emanuela Cino, Marnie Hawson, Thibault De Schepper, Daniel Faro and Matthias Birkholz for Cee Cee Creative, Salva Lopez 






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