12 September 2019


In Antwerp Yust opened its doors recently, a place where you can stay for one night or for a whole year.


New way of living

The Student Hotel does it, just like Zoku in Amsterdam, Leman Locke in London and Lindley Lindenberg in Frankfurt. You can live there for a year, but you can also come and stay for a weekend. All in a stylish environment with multiple communal spaces such as restaurants, co-working spaces or a gym. We can now also add Yust in Antwerp to this list.



Apartments in big cities are becoming more and more expensive and the community aspect is growing in popularity. So why would you sit alone in your big, expensive apartment, when you can also rent a hotel room like apartment with a restaurant downstairs, where you can follow a lecture and meet new friends and use a shared electric car to get to the city? And imagine having a designer thinking about how to decorate a 35m2 apartment as optimally as possible.



It is inspiring to see the City Lofts at Yust. The bed is slightly higher to create storage space under the bed (see also MADE Hotel in New York), there are lots of cupboards around the bathroom. For clothing, but also for other things. And the television is installed on such a way that you can watch it from both the living room as from the bed. Apart from the so-called City Lofts, Yust also rents out hostel style rooms with eight different beds. Although I would recommend the City Lofts in terms of design.


Communal spaces

There is a restaurant on the ground floor that is open for the public. Someone is sleeping on one of the vintage couches, which gives Yust that hostel-like atmosphere. The other communal area is only available for guests/residents who can work, wash and read here. They rent bicycles there, you can ask for recommendations or other advice and you’ll find a calendar with events organized this week. From an after-work drink on the roof terrace to a lecture about Green Cities.


Yust is now open in Antwerp, followed by Brussels and Liège.


Check out: www.yust.com







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