13 September 2019


It took a while but Rotterdam opened its first Petite Passport style hotel and it is called Supernova. Inspired by the Oasis song.


The making of

After their studies, Glenn Severin and Jan-Maarten de Reus started Loftly, a short-stay rental company with multiple locations in Rotterdam. That went so well that they started thinking about a hotel. Together with design agency Containr, they’ve completely renovated this corner building on the ‘s Gravendijkwal. Now it is a hotel with 38 rooms, a restaurant, bar (Supper) and a shop (Superette).


Exploding star

A supernova is an exploding star. That became the starting point of the hotel design. When you enter the hotel and look up you’ll see a light installation with the name of the hotel in it. If you look closely at the light tubes in the rest of the lobby you’ll see they run across the room like an exploding star. A not that obvious, but really nice detail. Color is important too: not only do the rooms vary in color, the walls in the restaurant, entrance, library and shop also have a different color for the necessary color-blocking effect.



Art plays an important role in the hotel too. They worked together with, for example, the Nederlands Fotomuseum for the black-and-white photo collection in the restaurant. Opposite the check-in desk you’ll find work by Nasbami, who also exhibited his work at the Kunsthal. And there is a variety of work in the rooms: a picture of a red river by Flory van Rees or a close-up of a skyscraper by Ossip van Duivenbode. All art works reflecting creatives or art institutions from Rotterdam.



In the shop called Superette they sell bags from Rotterdam designer Susan Bijl, chocolate from De Bonte Koe, but also a good collection of international coffee table books (including the Petite Passport Guides). The selection of books in The Library is outstanding: a good reason to go here, order a cup of coffee or tea and browse through their collection. Guests will also find books in their rooms – or can take them from The Library. Same goes with the records. Some rooms have their own personal record player.


Cocktails & small bites

Together with Arno van Eijmeren from cocktail bar Dr. they created a special Supernova Cocktail in a bottle. A good souvenir as it’s perfect in its design, but also practical for a guest who likes to drink a cocktail in his/her room. You can also order a special Champagne Supernova, as the ultimate hint to the Oasis song. On the menu you’ll find small dishes to share. The handmade dumplings are special, but you’ll also have to try the Sharp Sharp pastries that are gluten-free. And even if you’re not staying at Supernova, it’s also a good place for a drink or something small to eat.


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