5 July 2019


Torel 1884 is a new hotel in the center of Porto inspired by world-famous Portuguese explorers such as Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama.


Former bank

The name of the hotel, Torel 1884, refers to the year the doors of this classical building opened. It once was a bank, whose vault doors are still visible and are used as an entrance to the wine cellar. Where they organize tastings of Port and wines from the Douro Valley.


Floors inspired by the expeditions of Portuguese seafarers

The hotel has three floors that all represent a different continent. The ground floor stands for Africa, the first floor for America and the top floor for Asia. Continents that play a huge role in the expeditions of Portuguese seafarers. The restaurant, Bartolomeu, is located on the ground floor, where the beautiful panels with an African landscape really stand out. On the menu, you’ll mainly find dishes to share. I’ve ordered a delicious melon soup with ham, then tuna tartar and also a kind of cheese fondue.


Library on the top floor

The interior of the hotel was done by Nano Design who incorporated inspiration from the continents by floor and by room. For example, there is a library on the top floor where most of the 3500 (!) books come from Japan or China. Because of the skylight, it’s also a good place to have a drink or read a book after a day in the city.


The smallest room in the hotel

My room is on the Asian floor and is very spacious for the smallest room in the hotel. The appearance is especially luxurious with a wall painting by Portuguese artist Curval, the mushroom lamps and the view of the city and the highest point of Porto.



In the evening they let you fill out a breakfast form so you’ll have it ready for you in the morning. Born out of a lack of space in the restaurant for a big buffet, but it has at least two positive outcomes. First, you won’t stress at what to choose and, even more important, they have less waste to throw away. And that’s a big plus for the environment.



The location is very good. Porto is a city where you can do everything by feet. The Douro River with a view of the famous Luis I bridge is just minutes away. Just like Claus Porto, Miss Opo, and the Sao Bento station.


From 195 euros per night, check out: www.torelboutiques.com/torel-1884/


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