9 July 2019


I’ve told you all about Restaurant Europa yesterday (read it here) and today I like to show you around on Het Hem. The name Het Hem comes from the old German word haima that means home. And that is exactly what they want to achieve here: to create a place where everyone is welcome.


Chapter 1ne

Exhibitions are called chapters and for each new chapter, director Kim Tuin asks tastemakers to curate an exhibition. For the opening show, Chapter 1ne, she worked together with Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt from streetwear brand Patta to explore the hip-hop culture. Expect photos (from, for example, Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur by Dana Lixenberg) videos (from three crying men called Three Kings Weep by Ebony G. Patterson) and a huge sculpture at the entrance of Piet Parra (who also designed the logo for Patta).


Former ammunition factory

The building itself is located in a former ammunition factory. There is a huge corridor system of shooting ranges underneath the building where they used to test the bullets. You can imagine the size of the building: enough space to work with larger installations. And they do so. For example, Still Life by RAAAF is impressive because the moving plates made from the source material for bullet production, are like target plates. And because the building is located next to the water, you can also climb the high chairs to have a spectacular view. You’ll see the warehouse and the surroundings in a completely different perspective.


Inside you’ll also find a cafe with a reading table full of beautiful magazines, an underground bar, and Restaurant Europa. Open from Thursday to Sunday from midday to midnight.


Check out: www.hethem.nl 





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