17 April 2019


Planning a trip to Barcelona anytime soon? This is my list of places you can’t miss. Find all of my recommendations in The Barcelona Guide!


1. Start your day with a delicious breakfast



2. Explore the city by bike and see all the beautiful sights such as the Sagrada Familia, the Arc de Triomf and the beach.



3. Enjoy a coffee break at Three Marks Coffee.



4. Have a healthy plant-based lunch at Flax & Kale and try one of their kombuchas.



5. Relax on one of the lovely rooftops Barcelona has (pictured the rooftop of Yurbban Passage).



6. Go to a food or design market like MyBarrio (pictured), Van Van Market or All Those.



7. Shop magazines, books, and plants.



8. Have dinner here if you love Italian food.



9. Escape to this lovely hotel and restaurant on the beach 30-minutes from Barcelona



10. Buy The brand new Barcelona Guide for the most up-to-date addresses: a minimalistic coffee bar that only opened a few weeks ago, a restaurant where the focus is on Middle-Eastern dishes and an amazing pizza place, among others! Enjoy!