20 March 2019


Cor Unum produces ceramics designed by inspiring designers, architects, and visual artists. They recently opened their showroom and workshop in Den Bosch in the same building as MisterDesign and Garage Pompen & Verlouw.


Ceramics vs. top design talent

Cor Unum has always operated from Den Bosch. The brand started in the fifties and brought people with a distance from the labor market to work. They still do, although there are now many volunteers working for them – as we can see in the cafe with a long row of coffee mugs with the names of all the employees on it – and they work together with the best designers. Local artists like Roderick Vos and Maarten Baas, Dutch designers like Mae Engelgeer and Jeroen Wand but also with the British Jasper Morrison and the Australian designer Marc Newson among others.


Sustainability and new technologies

In the new space, they can exhibit their work and sell it (you can already buy a coffee cup for 9 euros). But they can now also inform people about the design process. People often think that they still work with pottery wheels, but nowadays everything is molded. Cor Unum excels in high-end design and is always looking for ways to combine sustainability with new technologies. For example, the color of Alex de Witte’s works came together of splashes of other works.¬†In this way, all his designs are unique, and no unnecessary color is wasted.


Striking designs

I’m also drawn to the vases of Geert Lap which stands out in terms of color. From eye level, it looks like the top is round, but when you look from above, you can see it is oval. Maarten Baas worked with chef Sergio Herman for a pop-up restaurant during the Dutch Design Week a few years ago, and he designed an already well-known plate in the shape of a face. Sergio Herman worked together with Cor Unum again for creating the ceramics for his new restaurant Blueness where Japanse cuisine meets the best ingredients of Zeeland. You can buy the plates here. And if you look closely, you can see the horizon on it that stands for the horizon of the coast of Zeeland.


Check out: www.corunum-ceramics.nl