8 February 2019


You may know Lex Wenneker of Headfirst Coffee in the Westerstraat. Or from his second place at the World Barista Championships. After closing Headfirst Coffee, he opened his own roasting company called Friedhats and now he has a new coffee bar, Fuku in Bos en Lommer.


Super Special coffee

Bos en Lommer is quite a special location, as it’s a neighborhood in Amsterdam that’s not on everyone’s radar just yet. That means you can expect a mix of people who sincerely love coffee at Fuku. You can go for a well-known coffee from Colombia or Kenya or go for one of the Super Special ones. Just like with wine: sometimes a house wine will do fine, the other time you want to treat yourself to a more special one. Apart from the coffee they also serve lunch and beer.



Together with Dylan Sedgwick, who previously also worked at Headfirst Coffee in Amsterdam, he opened Fuku. This is the Japanese word for happiness. The thing that makes you happy in an instant – apart from the coffee – is the yellow bar with cool illustrations by Ivo Janss, who also does the design of Friedhats. Very colorful in a world where the minimalistic brown paper bag with small logo predominates. Also funny is the Febo-inspired wall where, instead of croquettes and fries, you can get your quick coffee fix there.


Check out: www.friedhats.com


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