20 November 2018


A few weeks ago, Redchurch Townhouse opened its doors in London. An intimate boutique hotel with 37 rooms and a Cecconi’s restaurant on the ground floor. Let’s explore!


First impression

It takes a while before I locate the entrance as Redchurch Townhouse is situated in a small street between Redchurch Street and Bethnal Green Road in the Shoreditch district. The hotel is part of the Soho House Group, which doesn’t advertise its presence by large signs but rather likes to keep the entrances somewhat hidden. First the search, and then the jaw-dropping moment when you step inside, so to say. My jaw drops when I see the check-in desk, created with stunning white tiles combined with a striking terrazzo countertop. But there is more, such as the beautiful art on the walls. Soho House employs its own curator. Together, they formed the idea to invite forty artists below the age of forty and to display their work in the rooms, lobby, and hallways. The artwork ‘Bloody Neons!’ in the hallway is already a huge Instagram hit.


Townhouse in Shoreditch

The original Soho Houses are, of course, private members’ clubs which offer the option to book a room as a non-member as well, but the group is now expanding its territory with small, intimate townhouses. They don’t feature a club floor and Cowshed Spa, but they certainly offer the ultimate pampering you are used to from Soho House. At Redchurch Townhouse, this includes nine types of shampoo and shower gels to choose from and a tray filled with toiletries in the bathroom. Also, freshly baked chocolate cookies, and nine wonderful pillows. And, of course, a super soft bathrobe you never want to take off again.


Dream room

The building was already used by the nearby Shoreditch Rooms, but it was extended with a new wing after which they decided to change the name into Redchurch Townhouse. The rooms vary in size, but all of them radiate the same wonderful atmosphere. Tiny is perfect for the solo traveler, Small is a bit more spacious with its own sitting area, and the Medium, Big, and Large rooms offer you all the space you need. I was given an upgrade to a Large Room, which has a free-standing bath, a living room, and a very generous bathroom. The light flooded in beautifully and it offered Shoreditch views. A room to book when you don’t have any plans to go out again as this room offers you everything you need to relax, for the things you often don’t find time for at home. Taking a relaxing bath, watching movies with their in-house movie library, eating freshly baked cookies, and dreaming off in a luxurious, soft bed.


Italian restaurant

The ground floor houses a Cecconi’s restaurant, the chain of Italian restaurants where I already had excellent experiences in Barcelona. The atmosphere in Redchurch Townhouse is perfectly in line with the neighborhood: not at all posh and pretentious, lots of creativity, and a visible tattoo here and there. An entirely different experience than at, for instance, the sophisticated Mayfair location. I order some small dishes from the menu which are all served on the typical Dutch ‘boerenbont’ tableware.


Local area

This part of Shoreditch can easily be called the Soho House block. Apart from staying at Redchurch Townhouse and Shoreditch House, you can have lunch, work, or just have a coffee at Barber & Parlour, you can watch a movie at Electric Cinema, and you can shop at the recently opened first Soho Home store; an offline version of where you can buy your favorite furniture, Cowshed products, books, or the wonderfully soft bathrobes. A great address for your Christmas shopping.


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