20 April 2018


I’m in love with Lisbon. From the beautiful colored houses, the tiles, the pastel de nata, the sun, the sunrise and sunset, the people from Lisbon, their enthusiasm for my site, to all the nice hosts behind the spots I have visited and of course to the spots themselves. Definitely the perfect city for a city trip – and especially if you love my kind of spots you will love the city. I’ve walked an average of 50 floors a day (yes, Lisbon is quite hilly) to find you the best addresses and next week I will launch guide number #008 in the collection: The Lisbon Guide. Yes!


First I will share 10 things you can’t miss when you’re in Lisbon, followed soon by some Tried & Tested’s – all of them will be featured in The Lisbon Guide. Enjoy!


1.Look at all the beautiful buildings. Some colorful, others decorated with the most amazing tiles.



2.Eat as many pastel de nata as you wish



3.Have lunch or dinner at this plant-filled restaurant



4.Stay at these well-designed apartments in Baixa



5. Have a vegan lunch at Mother & Daughters



6. Have a coffee and a magazine here



7. Experience Lisbon’s spectacular sunsets



8. Visit the Maat Museum and enjoy this wonderful view.



9. Stay at the most popular spot on my website last year



10. Download The Lisbon Guide to see all my favorite addresses in the city. Available from April 26, but now ready to pre-order.