2 February 2018


Unfortunately this spot has now closed its doors.


An old farm surrounded by bunkers is now a modern villa called The Bunkers with five guest rooms, a swimming pool, sauna and a kitchen that will delight (hobby) chefs.


A spectacle of nature

It is still located in Knokke, but it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. On this January day the weather is inclement. The wind is blowing and the clouds are moving quickly. But when you enter The Bunkers, every day (good weather or not) changes into a spectacle of nature. You can look as far as you want. You’ll see many birds, a flocking pheasant and the sunset. It brings you to rest. Almost immediately upon your arrival.


A dream for people who love cooking

The color palette helps too. It has been kept as serene as possible: black, white and gray predominate. Together with her husband Margaux fell in love with this place and with the help of architects Govaert & Vanhoutte, interior designer Anversa and landscape architect Leon van Haesebrouck they turned it into their home and into a house with guest rooms. She welcomes me at the door. Upon entering the former farm building the large kitchen stands out almost immediately. A dream for people who love cooking. It is a Vipp Kitchen, so that is a treat, but there are also extras such as fridges for drinks only and a cupboard filled with many (wine) glasses and crockery. The perfect place to cook and dine together with friends and family.


Board games, a swimming pool and a sauna

“There are couples who first stay the night together and then decide to rent it with the whole family”,  Margaux says. Understandable as everyone will like this place. You can read your favorite book on the couch in the living room, there are board games, the yard is fenced so children can play freely and there is a swimming pool, sauna and even a gym. And that kitchen of course. Although you don’t have to stay in. Margaux also likes to tell you about her favorite addresses – one of them is Pure C in Cadzand because she met her husband there.


The rooms

There are five rooms that are all different, but all of them are connected to nature. The Field Room is beautiful because it has a wide view over the polders. The Terrace Room has a terrace. The River Room is small, but nice. A cozy litter. The Bunker Room is my personal favorite. Cozy too, with a very low window from where you have a view of nature from your bed. The largest room is the Polder Room (where you can also put a cot and fold out the couch as another bed) and it is so beautiful because it has a bath cut out of concrete. Magnificent.


Luxurious getaway

It was rather luxurious for me because I had the whole house for myself. Margaux her advice: grab a glass of wine and enjoy! So I did. When you turn on the Sonos, you hear your favorite music throughout the building. So even while you swim or sit in the sauna. There is a fire place in the living room, so take a novel with you and upon reading your eyes will automatically close because you’re so relaxed. I would recommend The Bunkers to families, couples with or without a little one and to a group of friends who want to get a breath of fresh air.


Check out: www.thebunkers.be






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