29 January 2018


Belgium is not far is you live in The Netherlands, but it’s a misunderstanding that you always need to travel to far away places to find cool addresses. And the Belgians do know how to create those.



The focus was on Flanders this time. I was very curious about a new hotel in a former post office in Gent. And there’s a store selling the Petite Passport Guides from the beginning. Which made me a little jealous of my own guides for being there first. Now I could finally see the store with my own eyes. It’s such a beautiful place. Well worth traveling for to Gent.



In terms of design addresses Bruges has not yet been featured on my website, but that will change with the arrival of Kind of OJ. And I also visited an industrial area with a super cool restaurant I also like to share with you.



And then there was Knokke in January. A lot quieter than in the summer months of course, but the beach is, in my opinion, beautiful at any time of the year. When I traveled to Denmark and Sweden in October to visit Vipp Shelter and Vipp Loft, we (One of the owners of Vipp and I) exchanged tips for beautiful places to stay. He recommended The Bunkers in Knokke. Partly because they are also present with their products and the beautiful Vipp Kitchen, but also because it is such a special place. Only seven minutes from the centre of Knokke, but located in the middle of nowhere in between the bunkers.


You see: I can’t stop writing. I am going to share everything with you on my site, but first a visual report of my visit to Flanders: