30 November 2017


Two passionate entrepreneurs recently opened Hotel Pilar, on a beautiful location in ‘t Zuid in Antwerp.


Eclectic mix

It was always their dream to start a hotel. Christophe worked as a manager at Hotel O, the former hotel at this location. And Sam has his own architectural firm. When this opportunity passed, they grabbed it with both hands and created a hotel in their taste. Christophe explains that there is no theme: “It is an eclectic mix of everything we like.” And they dove in deeply as it is not just about the color on the walls. Apart from the unique furniture they often found on antique markets, they’ve created a lot by themselves: “We have made these cushions. The painting you see there is made by my mother. The mother of Sam has worked on the ceramics. And in the kitchen I even prepare the dishes by myself.”


The Food Bar

Once Hotel O was located here with a grill restaurant on the ground floor. These two hospitality concepts were separate and with Hotel Pilar it’s one destination again. Guests of the hotel mix with locals who come to have a drink in the cafe. They are open throughout the day. For breakfast you can choose from three options. I opted for the healthy option: granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit, a Daily Detox juice and a ginger tea. In the evening they also present an eclectic mix on the menu. The intention is to share dishes. I tried the deliciously marinated chicken in blueberry sauce.


The rooms

All the 17 rooms are decorated differently. I stayed in a Classic Room with a view of the lively square in front of the door. Striking elements in the room are the freestanding bath and the nice-smelling Santal 33 by Le Labo as shower products. The location of the hotel is ideal for exploring ‘t Zuid. You’re very close to spots such as Kolonel Koffie and Copper. Antwerp is a good walking city anyway. It is perhaps a ten minute walk to the ModeMuseum.


Art throughout the hotel

Two more things worth mentioning: they have an in-house shop where they sell their own pillows, but also products from Le Labo. And the art collection on the walls is very inspiring. For this they work together with galleries in Antwerp and everything is also for sale.


Check out: www.hotelpilar.com