9 November 2017


Yesterday was World’s Cappuccino Day, today I like to share a fantastic coffee place in Berlin with you called Bonanza Coffee.


From Prenzlauerberg to Kreuzberg

Bonanza first opened a shop in Prenzlauerberg (in 2006). Coffee lovers from all over the world gathered together for a cup of coffee, a chat with the passionate owners or they attended a coffee tasting. They stand out because they roast as little as possible. Just enough to fully develop flavors, with the aim to highlight what makes a coffee distinct. Nowadays coffee spots from all over the world use their beans (including NewWerkTheater in Amsterdam) and they’ve opened a new coffee place in Kreuzberg last year.


Coffee space with a super cool interior

This place has a lot of space compared to the shop in Prenzlauerberg. Here they have the capacity to roast the beans, organize tasting, have a little shop and enough tables for people to enjoy a coffee and something to eat. I personally love the interior. Done by Modiste Architecture, a design studio from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Check out: www.bonanzacoffee.de


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