10 February 2017



Last weekend I went to Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. Here on Petite Passport I focus on addresses where you can eat, shop and stay and not that much on museums, but sometimes a place of art is so inspiring I have to share it here as well. Just like I did with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm I want you to put Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar on your wish list as well.


Why? Well, firstly: the location and building is superb. Wassenaar is known as one of the most expensive villages to live in The Netherlands (the King and Queen and their daughters also live there) and it’s very close to the dunes and sea. Together with Kraaijvanger Architects and Piet Oudolf (the landscape architect who is most known for the High Line in New York) they’ve created a spacious building with a lot of windows creating a connection with the nature outside (for me nature is also a form of art, but there are also installations connecting the inside with the outside. Like the ‘Don’t Worry’ sign in the Martin Creed exhibition and the ‘Everything is gonna be alright’ sign outside).


Secondly: the collection is very inspiring. The building consists out of three spaces: one for the permanent exhibition, one of the temporarily exhibition and one for the collection presentation. Right now you can see the works of Martin Creed in the exhibition SAY CHEESE!. You enter via a huge blue balloon box with hundreds of balloons which make you feel like a kid again. I’ve learned about Creed’s work via his installation in Sketch in London. He created a floor with hundreds different kind of marble (which is still there in the new installation by India Mahdavi as it was such an expensive floor). I also liked the swimming pool by Leandro Erlich who designed it especially for the museum. Unfortunately I couldn’t enter the installation by James Turrell due to a running contest inside the museum, but that have to be impressive as well. In the exhibition called ‘Full Moon’ you’ll see the favorite art works of the museum – all from different artists. I liked Damien Hirst‘s Stubbed out of Love, Rineke Dijkstra’s portraits of a woman three weeks after she gave birth and five months later and Esther Tielemans landscape called The Performance as I love the color blocking installation.


For more information: www.voorlinden.nl