14 December 2016


When you drive to Pensao Agricola, close to Tavira, you will pass lots of farms and even more orange trees. In this agricultural area Rui and his partner found an abandoned farm which they loved immediately. They started working on the permits and once the reconstruction began Rui found old black and white photographs of the former owners dating back to the start of the 20th century. He wanted to find out the story. Started with asking the owners of who he bought the property but they didn’t know anything. He started asking the neighbours, but nobody knew anything. Then he went to the cemetery and saw a grave with the exact same picture and that’s how he found out the name of the man on the picture. The story goes that he and his wife were running the farm house and when she died, he, 80 years old already, married the maid (who was 20). She got pregnant and the daughter inherited the property, but they moved to Lisbon and didn’t visit that often. The pictures of the family are still visible in the old cabinet next to the check-in desk.


Fast forward to 2014 when they opened Pensao Agricola, the most stylish and warm place to stay in the Tavira area. You will immediately love it here and the interior is so inspiring yet warm and cozy that you like to call it home right away. There are only a few rooms in the farm house (and they are building new ones for the new season as well), there’s a big communal living room, kitchen and of course an outside terrace and a small swimming pool. Also you can visit the garden with orange trees, olives, figs and two donkeys. Rui and his partner love to search for beautiful vintage items, so they took their time to gather as many lovely objects as possible and saved them in their warehouse in Lisbon. If you like to hunt for unique antiques and vintage objects in Portugal while you’re there, you’re lucky because they’ve made a map mentioning all the flea markets in the Algarve. But art and especially photography is also an important part of Pensao Agricola.


Things to do
What to do when you’re staying at Pensao Agricola except for soaking in the beautiful interior, sleeping in those lovely beds and saying hi to the donkey before breakfast? You can rent an Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible to cruise the area with the recommendations of Pensao Agricola. Or a Vespa. A tuk tuk will bring you to the nearest beach. You can order a picknick to take with you. You can discover Tavira or the National Park nearby.


Check out: pensaoagricola.com


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