2 December 2016


Magasand is a great concept for people who love magazines and healthy sandwiches, because that’s where Magasand stands for. In July 2008 they opened their first cafe in Chueca which was followed by a new opening in Salamanca a few years later. Owner Mariano Cavero noticed that there was a lack of space to make the sandwiches for the guests but also for catering. So he started to look for a new space and found it on Calle Tomás Bretón, close to Delicias subway station. Not really in the center of Madrid, but in an upcoming area and with the headquarters of El Corte Ingles across the street enough people who like to have a delicious menu del dia in a stylish environment. Compared to the other cafes this Magasand is huge: enough space for people to have lunch (and in the future dinner) and a huge kitchen upstairs to make all the sandwiches, pizzas and soups. The interior is stunning as well: done by Juan Carlos Fernández of Ventura Estudio. He also did the other Magasand in Salamanca and Saboc in Barcelona. Conclusion: lovely spot to have lunch!


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C. de Tomás Bretón, 54, 28045 Madrid, Spain

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