15 November 2016


A lot of people often choose Barcelona over Madrid when they want to make a citytrip to Spain. And that’s a shame because Madrid is a great city. Of course it has no beach and in August the temperature can reach 40 degrees (so you’ll have to jump in a fountain rather than the sea to cool off) but the city is filled with a fair amount of creative designers, hoteliers and chefs who really treat you to fantastic hotspots. Last week I walked kilometer after kilometer to find out where you really have to go. Which restaurants, hotels and shops you can’t miss. I will share them with you in the coming weeks, but there’s more to discover. It was my fifth time in the capital of Spain and I’ve never been to the Palacio de Cristal in the Retiro Park. And wow, it was beautiful in fall. The neighbourhoods you have to check out are Malasana and Salamanca for the highest concentration of cool spots. Don’t miss events like Art Madrid in February, when the atmosphere in the city is amazing. Also check out the events organized during the Summer months at Conde Duque, the old military quarters close to Federal Cafe. Think: food markets and open air cinema. Enough to discover!


For now, my 3 days in Madrid through the lens of my iPhone!