28 October 2016


What I love so much about Petite Passport is the community behind it. That’s how I find the most beautiful spots in the world. That’s exactly the case with Groene Vingers in Delft: a beautiful plant shop in the center. Dennis, the husband of Karin, owner of Groene Vingers, send me an email that I really had to check out her beautiful place and since I was in need for some new plants I drove there almost immediately.


Karin worked for years at a big garden center and she travelled the world for a job in which she had to collect the most beautiful pots and vases. It was a dream to start a store like this: combining her love for plants and beautiful interior accessoires. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize how a plant would fit your home. In a store it can seems huge, but in your living room it feels like a tiny plant. And maybe you wouldn’t go for a purple plant, but when you combine it with more plants or with a beautiful vase it can be quite interesting. Karin and her team is there to help you. Of course in person, but also because her store is decorated so thoughtfully and inspiring it helps visualizing it. I love the glass house with all the hanging plants, the big fig tree and the new banana plant. But also the post cards, vases and other accessoires are worth checking out!


Check out: www.groenevingersdelft.nl













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