10 October 2016


On Thursday I went to Amsterdam to see some new openings and I love to take you with me!


The day started with the launch of the last Land Rover Defender designed by Studio Piet Boon (the studio behind The Jane among other restaurants, hotels, apartments and houses).




After the hip hamburger restaurants and rotisseries, I love to see other specialty cafes popping up. At Baires Empanadas you can only order empanadas made by an Argentinian chef, the girl behind Harewood focusses entirely on donuts.






W Hotel in Amsterdam is located in two buildings. The first building (with a hotel, rooftop terrace and restaurant Mr Porter) opened last year and last Thursday the other former bank-building opened their doors. Expect more rooms, The Duchess, concept store X-bank and a spa. There’s a kind of busy street in between the two buildings, so I was wondering what happened when you stay at building 1 and you want to go to the spa. The answer was: they make really beautiful bathrobes, so you can cross the street.






At Misc Store two British guys who now live in Amsterdam, John Harrington and Noel Batt, launched their first product: CorkFrame. They had good memories of the bulletin boards of their youth, but they wanted to create something more pretty. CorkFrame is made of Portuguese cork and is a stunning product for collecting things you love – in my case: business cards of beautiful hotspots.




For more cool addresses in Amsterdam, check out The Amsterdam Guide


Have a lovely new week!


x Pauline