17 August 2016


Update April 2023: new images and a new chef in the restaurant 


It’s almost impossible to go any further North on Ibiza. The new Los Enamorados, a hotel, restaurant, bar and shop is located in a small, friendly bay in Portinatx. Only the lighthouse is further North.


When Rozemarijn de Witte and Pierre Traversier saw the property they fell in love right away. At that time there was a hostal on top of the old fishermen’s houses and the interior contained a lot of wood, white marble floor tiles and fluorescent lighting, but it was located on a beautiful spot: on the bay with a stunning view of the boats, the azure water and, in the evening, the beautiful sunset. They went to work and rebuilt the whole building into an inspiring place for travelers and locals who love barefoot luxury.


Welcome home


A place where everyone feels welcome. Especially on an island like Ibiza where on some locations wealth and appearances are very present in an uninspiring way. At Los Enamorados (the lovers in Spanish) you come home. Not only because Pierre greets you with his friendly smile and says ‘welcome home’, but also because of the fine, relaxed atmosphere. For example, there is a basket full of pillows you can use to drape around you while you’re dining here on Spanish time. The guests talk quietly, they genuinely enjoy the beautiful surroundings and there’s a nice synergy between the guests and the owners/people who work here. In the background you listen to some nice music: during the day soul and hip hop, in the evening more romantic songs. The interior doesn’t feel at all like the fluorescent-lit hostal it once was. Each item has been chosen with care by Rozemarijn and every corner is just as beautiful. From the bar with sheepskins on the bar stools to the many beautiful rugs, lamps, chairs and funny details like a sheep, the fish net sculptures made by Korakot and a vase of Jonathan Adler. And everything is for sale.




Los Enamorados is a hotel with 9 rooms. All with sea views and all decorated differently. I slept in room 2 with a truly fantastic bed with linen blankets and soft pillows. I woke up at 3am in the morning because of the heat and when I opened the door to the balcony I saw the most beautiful star-filled-sky ever. There is a hammock on the balcony where you can count the shooting stars. And absolutely no ugly bright lights in the room, but dim lights and even the ability to light some candles. You see: it’s not only an inspiring place, but also very romantic.


The restaurant


Downstairs there’s a restaurant, bar and shop. An enthusiastic Spanish chef runs the restaurant. He not only makes the most delicious dishes but also knows how to present it. Foodies who love to take pictures of their food have to order the avocado gazpacho which is beautifully presented in an avocado. I enjoyed the ceviche, tuna burger, tuna tacos and much more. You really want to eat the whole menu: everything is delicious!


Barefoot luxury


If you enter the shop, the shoes must go off, but there’s nothing better than walking with your bare feet on those thick carpets (barefoot luxury at its best). The shop is a beautiful curated collection of things you like to have. I fell in love with the lobster by Anne Claire Petit, the closet with all those sneakers in it, the Ligne Roset Togo’s of course, but I also liked the jewelry of Moniek Postma, coffee table books and the denim colored kaftans (if you’ve been here, you like to clean out your entire wardrobe and fill them with kaftans only, so be warned ;)).


From 225 euro per night, check out: www.losenamoradosibiza.com



Pictures taken in 2016: