12 November 2015


Unfortunately, this spot now closed its doors.


Julien Rademaker is the owner of Gevonden op Marktplaats, an inspiring interior blog about his finds on second hand websites. He started as a designer and now he fills his days searching for the best vintage furniture for his clients who love to redecorate their homes with the help of Julien. Yesterday the Wintersalon by Gevonden op Marktplaats opened the doors and it’s a temporary store in Amsterdam where you can not only be amazed by what he found and sometimes adjusted a bit (like the Radboud van Beekum chairs for Pastoe) but also be inspired by what you can do yourself by, for example, starting a collection of white vases which all together look quite expensive. Julien told me nowadays his focus is on design of the 80’s (because he loves the clean lines) and a bit of art nouveau. If you wander around the two floors of a former maritime warehouse you’ll go from one emotion to another while looking at the pieces. From ‘Oh, please, can I buy this Ekstrem chair immediately’ to a smile on your face because of the kitsch statues which, combined with other design objects, become quite cool. Julien also works together with artists he loves. With Mae Engelgeer for example. He found old Gispen chairs and they used her new fabric for the seats. Actually, you should come here every week, because when they sell something, Julien will be searching immediately for new interesting objects.


Check out: www.gevondenopmarktplaats.nl





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