29 October 2015


Almost next to Clouds 9000, the just opened b&b belonging to Clouds in my Coffee, you’ll find Alberte. A restaurant which is only open during the week at night and at Thursday and Friday also for lunch. What first strikes you is the blue facade. It’s already stunning! And the interior is simplistic yet cozy. It looks like a cool grand cafe. When they welcome you they tell you about their concept: ‘there’s a chalkboard with all the dishes of the day on it and the best thing is to order a few of them so you can share it with your friends.’ The menu is full of authentic Belgian ingredients with a gastronomic twist. Like cauliflower with pas de blue (cheese) and capers (very good!) or rabbit with bacon, sprouts and shallots (also very good). Then I would also recommend you to order one, or two desserts. I’ve tried the pear, chutney and red beets (very, very good). A true recommendation! Especially if you’re staying next door!


Check out: www.alberte-gent.be









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