2 April 2015




Forget the standard travel guides, the Petite Passport Guides are out now! Game changing online city guides for the design minded traveller who likes to discover the newest spots in town.


Petite Passport is celebrating her five year anniversary this week and during the last couple of years I’ve been asked to make an app or a book. An app is quite boring I think. And a book is already out of date the day you publish it. So I have been thinking and thinking. Wrote down all of your requests (an online map, beautiful photography, three reasons to go there, honest opinions, the openings hours, the addresses and a clear directory of where to eat, shop and stay), took them very seriously and at the same time I looked at myself and what I missed during my travels. The result is here: the Petite Passport Guides are out now!


Online city guides I can edit at any time (a new spot can be in it immediately after I’ve been there and a closed spot I can delete also directly), so you’re sure to find the latest addresses on your city trip. The online map leads you to undiscovered pearls that are usually not located on big busy streets like de Kalverstraat, the Paseo de Gracia or Oxford Street, but in quiet areas you wouldn’t find otherwise. All the guides are designed beautifully by Foreign Policy Design from Singapore.


Yesterday we’ve celebrated the launch of the Amsterdam Guide with a select group of game-changers in Amsterdam’s hospitality & retail scene (more pictures of that soon!) and today you can start downloading the Amsterdam Guide. And not only that, because the Barcelona Guide and the London Guide are available too. Quickly followed by the New York Guide┬álater this month. And after that I will add a new guide directly after every trip I make.


I hope you’re just as excited as I am and that you’re going to make the coolest city trips ever with your Petite Passport Guide with you!


And if you have any requests regarding cities you want me to travel to, let me know! Then I will keep that in mind during my forthcoming travel schedule.


Love, Pauline xx





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