4 February 2015


Oh yes! Valentine’s Day is approaching and that’s the reason to surprise your lover with a weekend in a super romantic hotel. From all the hotspots on Petite Passport I think these hotels are the most romantic.


1. Cabanas no Rio Portugal 


Romance factor: it’s just you and your lover in the middle of the stunning nature of Comporta in Portugal.


Kind of couple: you both have to love nature and silence. You like to walk, get cozy on that Ghost Sofa (yes, you love design too) with some books and magazines (okay, there’s wifi, but turn it off this time), take a hot outside shower with a view over the river and sleep like a baby in this romantic love nest.


More info: check my Tried & Tested report here




2. Aire de Bardenas Spain 


Romance factor: high. You’ll have a bed in the window of your cubicle room that looks out onto the desert-like landscape of Bardenas. Be prepared to star gaze all night long.


Kind of couple: You both love nature and design. You don’t want to walk far for an extremely good meal (they have a restaurant on site) and you like swimming (they have a swimming pool with view over the nature park.


More info: check my Tried & Tested here




3. Artist Residence London


Romance factor: high. Book the cozy Loft Room where you sleep underneath the roof while jazzy tunes come out of the vintage radio and you have a beautiful bath tub available to you.


Kind of couple: you both love a city, but want to escape to your own private getaway after a day in London. You can start the night with cocktails in the basement bar after soaking into that large tub with the nice smelling bath products.


More info: check my Tried & Tested here




4. Hotel Dwars Amsterdam


Romance alert: stay in the room on the top floor and you sleep under the beams and look out over the roofs of Amsterdam.


Kind of couple: you want to be in middle of Amsterdam, close to all the cool restaurants and shops. You also like to have some space: there are even two double beds in this room.


More info: check out my Tried & Tested here




5. Shelter 7 Gent 


Romance alert: you have a complete house for yourself. So there are no other guests to interrupt. And you can also decide at which time you like to have your breakfast (on your own private terrace).


Kind of couple: you love design and architecture. Like to have the opportunity to explore Gent, but they can also say: we just stay in all day! No problem.


More info: check out my Tried & Tested here




What’s your most romantic hotel experience? Let me know in the comment field below! 


And have a great Valentine’s Day! 


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