13 February 2015


After staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland, New York, London and Los Angeles I can add a visit to the one in Palm Springs to my list. When I asked you on Instagram which of the Ace Hotels you liked most, a lot of you answered Ace Hotel Palm Springs. And I can totally understand why!


The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is a haven of tranquility and peace. While you’re in one of their city hotels we, the guests, have things to do. We want to go explore the new restaurants in Shoreditch, rent one of their tokyobikes to cross around Downtown LA or quickly grab a coffee to go at Stumptown Portland and run out to the Farmer’s Market. And of course there’s a lot to explore in Palm Springs (imagine staying here during the Coachella Festival in April), but you don’t have to. You can just lay for days at the pool, drink some cocktails and sleep like a baby in the perfect beds.


The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs has 176 rooms. That sounds huge, but it does actually feel really small and intimate. The buildings only have two floors and some rooms have a cool patio attached to it. All the rooms are decorated so beautifully: with art prints on the wall, a kitchenette and lovely pillows. On site you’ll find a lot of cozy corners surrounding an outside fire place. People gather there with a group, play some songs on a guitar and just stay up all night. The parasols above the sun loungers at the swimming pool are very modern. A perfect place to hang out and listen to the music. There’s also a great restaurant and you can get a good massage at the Feel Good Spa.


Palm Springs is known for the Mid-Century Modern architecture and the Ace Hotel is also build in such way. This week marks the start of the Modernism Week in Palm Springs where you can join tours to see the best Mid-Century Modern properties around. From Palm Springs there is a lot to discover: from the Joshua Tree National Park to Salton Sea. Staying at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs is a great addition to a citytrip Los Angeles! 


Check out: www.acehotel.com












My trip is sponsored by British Airways. British Airways flies seven days a week from Amsterdam (up to 19 ! flights a day) via London to Los Angeles. Check their site for the best rates. 


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