27 October 2014


Last week I was in London and walked around the city (thank God for the invention of Nike Air Max) to find the best new addresses. I always do that alone. Then I can rush through the city while constantly thinking of one person and that’s you! Everytime when I enter a place I ask myself the question: would this address make you, as a reader of Petite Passport, happy?


Fortunately London is such a cosmopolitan city that every year tons of new places open their doors. Last year there were so many new hotels that I didn’t expect to find something new in that area this year. Was I wrong! A hotel in London is full every night once it’s open, so it’s obvious the city expands in having more and more and more hotels. That makes me happy because we can stay, and by that discover, a new neighbourhood each year. Last year I slept in the new Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, this year I spend my nights at the Artist Residence, a stylish b&b in Pimlico (more about that lovely hotel later this week).


So where should you go during your next trip to London? Which neighbourhoods can’t you miss? I would say: keep an eye on Holborn because that’s called the new Hoxton. In Marylebone (north of Oxford Street) you stumble over the cool and interesting new concepts. And if Tom Dixon builds a design hotel on the South Bank, we, ofcourse, must follow in his foot steps and explore the area. You see: plenty to do and to see. Pack your bags and go!


This time I traveled by Eurostar and I think it’s the best invention ever. Why? Because you don’t have to check in hours in advance and wait on the airport (you have to be at the platform two minutes before departure), you have enough legroom, there’s internet, you get good food and most importantly: they drop you off in the middle of London. Where you can start your citytrip right away! In total it took me 4 hours to travel from Rotterdam to central London. Splendid!





My trip to London is sponsored by Eurostar and Visit Britain.  Eurostar travels from the Netherlands to London several times a day, every day of the week. Check their rates here.  For more information about your upcoming trip to London or Great Britain, check the site of Visit Britain

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