23 July 2014


Utrecht always has a warm place in my heart, because I have studied and lived there for a time. And now there’s a hotel that feels like that warm nest again and that’s Mother Goose on the Ganzenmarkt (Goose Market, hence the name). The entrance is a bit hidden and the lobby is small, cozy and friendly. There are many paintings and mirrors on the walls and you see a few postcards with goose on it to send back home. The elevator has a beautiful view over Utrecht.


Each floor has  a different color and that color is also used for the interior of the room. That’s why you have a black, brown, grey and white floor. The top floor with the black rooms are really cozy because they are below the authentic splints. It’s truly a love nest with a bath and a rocking chair hanging on the ceiling. Luxurious things like thick pillows and bathrobes are also there. The next room has two seats before the window with a front row view of the Dom. Stunning! And then there’s a white room with a cozy corner in the window.


When I see another white room I learn about the past of the hotel. Once it was occupied by squatters and in the room we see a picture of the last squatters who were chained to each other and didn’t want to leave the hotel. They did and I think they can’t recognize it anymore. I would highly recommend it for couples who are in need of a weekend getaway. Or if you’re on your own and want a break without smart phone distraction and with a huge pile of magazines. The owners have another hotel in the city called The Court Hotel and that’s for now the place where they serve breakfast. In the future they will serve the breakfast in a cafe next door. It’s so new, they are only open for two weeks now.


Check out: www.mothergoosehotel.com