13 March 2013


Most striking feature:


Their greenhouse. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. From some spots you know that they are good. They top the list of places you wish to visit and you have certain expectations. But then, if you’re actually there, it’s even better than you thought. What a space! And every m2 of the immense surface (200 hectares) is used optimally in terms of beauty. The tour starts in one of their suites. Authentic roll top bath, a four-poster bed, a nice living with a fire place, a stunning design kitchen and an extra room. After a lunch at Babel you will definitely want to stay here for a nice little siesta. Babel is the restaurant of Babylonstoren. We got a tour through the immense garden by a real garden woman. Full of passion she told us about the different herbs, plants and flowers they used in their dishes or to even heal someone (‘Please, try this elephant feet plant. I always recommend it to people with a jet lag or high blood pressure because it heals everything’). Personally, I was tremendously impressed by their greenhouse. There was a long, wooden table where you can have lunch with a large group. And that lunch: oh, boy, that was thought through as well. The delicious sandwiches with tuna and salmon came with a lovely ribbon around it. And the salad was presented in a huge jam jar. A good glass of wine with it and you start to fantasize. Imagine that I ever get married, then this is the most beautiful place you can think of. And by that I found the perfect reason to come back soon, with my boyfriend. Because he has to agree as well don’t you think 😉


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